The Søvengård

You’ve probably heard the buzz about the city’s newest locale, but in case you haven’t: There’s a new Biergarten in town. The Søvengård brings a taste of Scandinavian culture and cuisine to Grand Rapids’ West Side. Inspired by the New Nordic Movement, the folks at the Søvengård are working to strengthen local agricultural networks and promote seasonal eating, all while maintaining low environmental impact. We at ICON Sign were fortunate enough to work with these culinary pioneers in their quest for hyper-local signage.

After having worked with the Søvengård on window graphics and interior signage projects, we began the process of building an exterior sign. In keeping with the modern-yet-rustic Scandinavian aesthetic, the building materials list was kept to a minimum: wood, steel, paint, and acrylic. We began by acquiring reclaimed wood from a local source, and used it to construct a backer panel. To create the logos for the sign faces, we laser-cut acrylic and painted it to match the Søvengård’s brand Pantone colors. The vibrant letters were then mounted to the contrasting white-washed backer panel.

Custom-fabricated steel brackets were mounted to the building facade and the sign was attached to them. Working with city ordinances can be a challenge, but we were able to keep within their strict set of rules while maximizing visibility for both street and foot traffic. In the end, ICON benefits from working with our neighbors and strengthening small business on the West Side, and the Søvengård gains a more profound presence on Bridge Street.

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