One-Color Vehicle Graphics Go A Long Way

There are plenty of options when considering a place to grab a bite to eat in Grand Rapids. With the city booming in a smorgasbord of diverse restaurants and farm-to-table bistros, some may say it’s hard to make a decision on where to dine or make a quick dash. Why choose just one place when you can opt for “Two Scotts Barbecue,” located on West Leonard?

Two Scotts is owned by two “Scotts” – businessman Scott Hartmann, and Scott Leucht, who’s been wearing a chef hat for 17 years.These visionaries have combined their talents and a love for local goodness to create their barbecue biz from an old-fashioned root beer stand. Their traditional approach is steeped in making virtually everything from scratch. This includes bread & butter pickles, beans, sourcing their hogs and honey from local vendors, and getting their fresh-baked bread from Nantucket Bakery in mid-town.

Two Scotts recently purchased a large food truck and equipped it with a full kitchen, giving them the ability to serve on-the-go anywhere in GR and environs. Hoping to put it to use around the beginning of May, they sought out ICON Sign for vinyl graphics.

Displaying the company logo on their vehicle amps up their visibility and helps create brand awareness. We at ICON knew this wasn’t going to be an easy task, not only because of the sheer size of the Two Scotts truck, but we had to consider the fact that we would be applying our vinyl over a ton of non-removable rivets and a major dimensional side panel running along the length of the truck.

With all things to consider, we took our approached with caution, making sure to double-check all of our measurements, rolling out the vinyl carefully and thoroughly preparing our surface.This project was carried out in a two-person operation by Icon vinyl pros Michael and Thom. The two of them meticulously laid the vinyl on every side of the truck, keeping it level and applying pressure for a solid adhesion. A vast majority of the work was done via 8-foot-ladders, as both installers worked their way from top to bottom, using a heat gun to stretch the vinyl over the rivets.

Our friends at Two Scotts Barbecue were extremely happy with the finished product. We owe them a huge thank you for allowing us to carry out a really cool project. Whether it’s a full vehicle wrap, door graphics or some rad stickers to slap on your bumper, ICON Sign is here to provide you with creative ideas to transform your business.

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