Innovation in Exterior Signage

We had an amazing opportunity to work with Byrne Electrical Specialists. Founded by Norman and Rosemary Byrne in 1971, the company grew exponentially and landed them in the industrial district of Rockford, MI. Talk to anyone who works there and you’ll be sure to hear them mention the word “innovation”. It’s practically their mantra. It came as no surprise that they wanted to take their creative pioneering and ever evolving business personality to a world beyond the internal premises. Literally. Their vision was to display exterior signage that embodied structural integrity combined with natural elements.

The construction of this project was put into action by Josh Geller, our Office Manager. He spent numerous hours designing and building the frame to house the dark walnut boards and aluminum sign.

In conjunction with Josh, we sought out local Grand Rapids craftsmen Josh McVety and Ben Antaya to help with the assembly of the structure. Josh G. and Ben first installed the frame on site. Once standing, the carefully cut walnut boards were nailed into the studs. Using a template, the aluminum sign was set into place.

Josh M. and his team then wrapped up the rest of the project. The two journeyed out to mount two large sheets of matte black alupanel to the backside of the frame to improve the aesthetics of the installation when seen from the back side in the lobby.

We love how this project turned out. Their visions have come to life and will surely set them apart from many of the businesses in the area.

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